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Hi, I'm Kim!

At the age of six I decided Barbie would be more beautiful with a pixie cut.


And with that, I found that I had a passion for helping others feel and look more beautiful. My childhood dreams came true when I became a professional in the beauty industry. 

At the age of 18 I began to pursue my passion for beauty in a formal way by studying the art of hair. This began my long career as a hairstylist working to perfect my craft in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Over the years, I have continually advanced my education in hair styling through various advanced classes and conventions. Focusing on continued education and vast amounts of hands-on experience has led to my success in the beauty industry.


Throughout my career, I have worked on a multitude of clients with different hair types (texture, thickness, or lack there of). Having had thin hair myself, I always wanted fuller, longer hair and knew that many of my clients dreamt of the same. This led me to study the Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension method in California under creator Danielle K. White. I am now one of only two Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension Certified Stylists in all of Connecticut. Luckily for me and my clients, this hair extension method makes the dream of fuller, thicker, longer, and natural looking hair easily come true!

I'm so happy my childhood dream has blossomed into the successful career I have been lucky to build. Through hair color, styling, and NBR extensions, I can fulfill my passion of helping others feel and look their most beautiful.

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