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     So, here’s my story, a long, long time ago, I was a pretty brunette and then I had three children, (for the third, I was 41 years old! Gasp!) Like many women post childbirth, my hair suffered. The struggle was real, and I was not happy. I tried every hair extension solution from hairpieces, (circa 1996), to tape-in extensions in 2016. Nothing made me happy — the hair pieces didn’t look real, and the tape-in extensions ruined the little bit of hair I had left! Then, a miracle happened! I read about Kim Phillips Styling and Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions! These hair extensions look and feel like my own hair, just more of it! Everyone comments on how great my hair looks, and I feel at least ten years younger! To say Kim and these hair extensions are a dream come true is not an overstatement. I want this luxurious hair for the rest of my life! Kim is truly a miracle worker, and my gratitude for her is endless.


     Kim was amazing! She was patient with me and explained the whole process. She reassured me and made sure I was comfortable with my choice and color. Each step of the transformation was discussed and I waited with anticipation! I was overjoyed with the results!! I'm much more confident with my appearance and most people have no idea it's not all mine! Kim is extremely talented and knowledgeable. She's also very accommodating!!! She's awesome!! I highly recommend you give her a call if you've ever wanted to try this!! Can't say enough about her and this hair!! 



     If you've ever been told dreams don't come true, it's because you haven't met Kim! I had learned to just accept the fact that I would never have the long, thick hair that I had always dreamed of having. After only one ten minute consultation, I put all of my trust into a process that I knew nothing about and a person I had never met. Kim by far surpassed every single expectation that I had. She is one of the most personable people I have ever met, and made the time spent in her chair feel as if we had known each other for years. Then there is the HAIR! The hair that dreams are made of. The hair that makes you say 'is that really me?' when you look in the mirror. The hair that gets compliments every single day, even after it hasn't been washed or styled in days. The hair that makes you LOVE yourself just that much more. Trust is hard, but with Kim it's easy! I can't wait to continue this journey with her, because once you experience it, you never want to let it go!



     I pride myself on taking care of my hair and always wanting my hair to look it's best. Over time I've gotten a lot of breakage and my hair was having more bad days than good. Then I came across Kim and she has completely transformed my hair she even gave me a hair treatment before putting in my hair extensions. She did an amazing job coloring my hair and the hair extension to match  seamlessly. My hair looks the healthiest it has ever looked, n more bad hairs days and the compliments keep coming. I love my hair and NBR extensions, life changing.



     For my entire life my hair was curly but thin, I cut it off a few years ago and have been trying to grow it back. I heard about the extensions through a friend and said "okay I'll try it." I can't even begin to tell you how happy and good I feel. I felt instantly beautiful. My hair feels so great and it keeps the curl. I have had countless compliments and you can't tell they are extensions. They are absolutely wonderful. I can't thank you enough Kim Phillips!


     "I absolutely love my new look! I was always so self conscious about my hair because it was so thin, and I always had a hard time growing it out. Now, thanks to Kim, my self confidence has grown so much. Every day I get compliments on my hair that I never got before! Thank you for making me feel beautiful Kim! 


     Ever have those days where your tired of putting your hair up and having a floppy pony or you wish you had that vibrant celebrity hair? Well thanks to Kim she made my dreams come true. I can't thank her enough for the amazing job she did to make me feel beautiful. Truly has a talent and cares so deeply in making you happy. Thank you NBR extensions and Kim Phillips. You rock!


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